Repairs and Maintenance Workers Wanted


R 12500 Monthly

Property management company (Bodies Corporate, Home Owners Associations, and other community schemes) seeking experienced Repairs & Maintenance Administrator.


    • General office administration
    • Opening of Job Cards for R&M requests
    • Opening of Job Cards for Insurance Claims, submitting quotes to Insurer, liaising with Assessors, Brokers, Insurers
    • Following up on Job Cards on RMO System (in-house job card management programme)
    • Liaising with Contractors in a daily basis for quotes
    • Collecting, collating and providing the Trustees/ExCom with the necessary information
    • Follow-up on completion by Contractor of approved R&M jobs
    • Getting the appropriate approval from Trustees/ExCom/Owners in order to pay Contractor invoices
    • Submitting invoices with approvals to the Finance Department for payment
    • Ensure that “Happy Letters” are submitted by Contractors for jobs completed
    • Ensure Contractors use RMO system for updates and comments
    • Match the invoice and job card for payment approval, and ensure that Contractor used the RMO job card number on his invoice as reference
    • Keep RMO job card updated and close when job is completed, invoice is uploaded to RMO, and paid
    • Diary Management: Scheduling of appointments with Building Managers/Caretakers/Trustees/ExCom
    • Attending Trustee and General Meetings, if required
    • Attending to matters arising from meetings. Feedback provided by Portfolio Manager.
    • Assisting Owners with queries
    • Assisting Trustees/Excom on matters applicable to scheme
    • Liaise where necessary between Contractors/Owners/Trustees/ExCom for access to Common Property or Units
    • Meetings with Building Managers/Caretakers
    • Cell-to-gate registrations of Owners or there tenants
    • Keep Scheme information in Permanent Folder (on server) in a neat an organised fashion
    • Weekly feedback to Portfolio Manager on outstanding R&M jobs
    • Weekly to Monthly feedback to Trustees/ExCom on outstanding R&M jobs, or as instructed by Trustees/ExCom
    • Quarterly site visit with Portfolio Manager or as required and providing the Trustees with a Site Visit Report
    • within 7 days


  • Ensure an effective and professional communication strategy with Trustees/ExCom/Owners/other Personnel
  • Communication with all role players (Contractors/Brokers/Insurers/Legal /Finance/Portfolio
  • Managers/Management)
  • Typing of correspondence to Owners on Trustee/ExCom instruction
  • Follow-up on complaints/queries, and provide feedback to Trustees/ExCom where required
  • Follow-up daily on R&M jobs with all role players
  • Dealing timeously with daily correspondence
  • E-mail management (respond within 24-hours on emails)
  • Telephone management (respond to all messages the same day)
  • Liaising between Contractors and Departments and Trustees/ExCom
  • Sending of communication through in-house systems (RMO), Portal, Outlook